"Toch knap dat jullie het weer voor de 2e keer voor elkaar hebben dat we al snel heimwee hebben naar jullie. Nogmaals bedankt."
Sunny Heaven

Bareboat Sailing Greece

Bareboat Yacht Charter

If you already know how to sail and have the appropriate qualifications and experience you can decide to charter a yacht and sail independently. This is called bareboat sailing. You plan your own route and you sail at your own pace. Please be aware that mooring and boat handling in Greece might differ from the way you are used to back home. You will need to use your own anchor. However, at check in a Sunny Sailing crew member will explain you all about the yacht and area. If in any case you do need help or advice during your holidays you can always contact our organisation. Present in the boat are also a manual and a Pilot (Rod Heikell) where you can find valuable information about mooring techniques, harbours and boat handling techniques.


If you would like to prepare your trip you can click on the route options below to get a good impression of the sailing area.

Lefkas route
Zakynthos route
Corfu Sail& Shop
Paxos, the difference

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