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Yacht Charter Ionian Islands

Charter yachts are based in West Greece on the Lefkas Island in the Ionian. The Marina is situated in Lefkada, a very pleasant, friendly, typical Greek town. The sailing area includes many Ionian Islands all within reach. For example the distance from Lefkas Town to Kerkyra (Corfu Town) is 60 miles. The distance from Lefkas Town to Zakynthos (South) is 62 miles. Please click here for a small chart of the sailing area. 


In the Ionian sailing area the weather is stable and there are no tides. Land is always in sight, which means little need for GPS navigation, as you can see your destination. You are as free as a bird and able to enjoy a carefree holiday! The surroundings and weather circumstances provide the opportunity to combine sailing with swimming, snorkelling, relaxing and sunbathing. The views are spectacular including lush green mountains, beautiful small islands, stunning blue bays and charming Greek villages. After a wonderful day of sailing you will arrive at your destination where you can sit down at one of the local Greek taverns for a well-deserved anchor beer! Cheers, Jamas!


In general, within 1-3 weeks of sailing, you will not get further South than Zakynthos or further North than Corfu Town. If you join us in our Peloponnese flotilla you will, at one point, leave the Ionian and enter the Saronic Gulf near Athens. The winds in this area can be stronger than some are used to, therefore appropriate qualifications and experience are required. 

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